How Man Caught His Wife With A Pastor In An Hotel

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More information has emerged about how a husband in Nyeri, Central Kenya laid a trap to catch his wife with her local church pastor.
Residents of Karatina in Nyeri were treated to a thrilling ‘soap opera’ after the evangelical pastor was busted romping with a married woman believed to be a congregant in his church.
The pastor, who had travelled with the amorous wife from Embu — nearly 70 kilometres away — will live to dread the secret affair that landed him in trouble with the woman’s husband.
Curious onlookers thronged the hotel where the lovebirds were busted.
The pastor reportedly sent the woman an SMS, reminding her of their secret date at the Karatina hotel. The husband while scrolling down his wife’s phone, spotted the message swallowing a bitter pill that his wife was cheating on him.

He immediately hatched a plan to teach the cleric a lesson. Only patience, and a secret determination to catch the duo on the act, pushed him to wait for the right time.
Come morning, he hired two people whom he instructed to trail his wife to whatever place she went. And when she boarded a bus for Karatina, they too entered the vehicle and sat strategically at the back seat, watching her every move until she alighted  at Karatina.

The preacher received her and the two walked to a luxurious hotel, ostensibly for a good time. The two agents followed her in, and took strategic positions in the hotel.
They kept the husband posted on all the developments, but advised him to stay calm until they gave him the signal to strike.

Before long, the two lovebirds walked into a private room and ordered food, which was promptly delivered. The two trackers immediately signalled the husband to make a move.
He arrived at the hotel, fuming in rage and made a beeline for the ‘action room’, knocking at the door. The pastor opened the door, perhaps thinking that the rude intruder was some hotel attendant.
Instead of room service, he received punches and kicks from the fuming husband and his companions. He tried to run away but was knocked back into the room with a fist.

Ran and hid in a toilet
The commotion drew the hotel attendants, but they too were restrained outside the door by the two bouncers, who for the better part of the day had served as detectives for the husband.
The angry husband beat the pastor and threatened to strip him. The pastor who could not contain the beating ran and hid in a toilet.

The angry husband trailed him to the toilets, landing on him with uncontrolled fists, slaps and kicks.
The husband took occasional sips of water from a water bottle he held in his hand probably to re-energise himself as he rained blows on the lustful clergy.
When an opportunity for escape presented itself, the pastor –high on adrenalin – took off at a ‘supersonic’ speed – taking two stairs a time.
The shocked wife, who all that time looked on in shudder as her husband fought for her, also sneaked through the crowd braving denigrating utterances from curious spectators.
Running at a dangerously athletic speed, the pastor dived into his car and drove off in panic.
The distraught man narrated that both him and his wife visited the pastor for counselling three years ago, when their marriage was on the rocks.
Unknown to him, however, the pastor had other desires of the heart other than gratification of his congregants’ spiritually famished hearts.
“It is really pathetic for a man of God to stoop this low and betray the trust I had in him when I took my wife to his office three years ago,” he lamented.
The husband has since vowed to be a bachelor, until he overcomes the incident’s trauma.

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